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Facebook: You like this. God: I hate freaking Facebook.
How can we create a sustainable middle class in the digital economy?
Why do online mobs resemble religious cults ?
Facts don’t matter, so long as there’s enough social consensus.
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Patience > boredom ? News > Life? News is love. NEWS IS LIFE.
“5 stars! The best pop-rock album I’ve heard in a decade!”
-Wesley David magazine
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NOW YOUR FRIENDS WILL LOVE YOU Your smartphone makes you dumb, too. Apps are designed to resemble casino games and produce addictive behavior. When will artists and musicians take a stand and say enough is enough?
THEIR algorithms are YOUR future 🙂 🙂 🙂
If you buy a plane ticket on Wednesday, you’ll have a better chance of getting a discount deal which still won’t solve the existential dread. Ask me how!.

We wanted everything for free, and the price we paid was giving up our privacy; and freedom.

“Too much is never enough.”
-Stupid quotes of the year magazine, WD Edition Vol 1

Ahh, sweet sweet echo chamber of <insert preferred forum or social media group here>. Save me from impure thoughts and marketplace of ideas!!

Is there a future where we can love and respect each other even despite major lines of difference?
15 years and 1 pandemic later…..

…..a journey is coming full circle for me, to a place I dared not imagine was still possible. All I had to do to get here? Unlearn just about everything I had learned (to quote Yoda); and that life begins on the other side of despair (to quote Sartre). We’re all in this human thing together; no one gets spared from the crazy in this world.

Just look at Twitter….

Maybe we’re all just getting started – all over again. Looking forward to telling you my story and hearing yours too along the way.

Thanks for listening.


WWJD = what would Jesus drive... (Water into Wine style Could he turn those stimulus dollars into gas for His SUV...)

Talking here for a minute about purpose after religion with @s_autonomous
Check it out on your fave streaming platform!

Excited for my good buddy @pete_rizzo_ and basking (vicariously) in his glory - first article published in @Forbes
Super awesome. And, I'm promising to not tell the story of how we lived together between semesters for a summer goofing off until he's at Michael Saylor status...

We went deeeeep on this one.
Philosophy, deconstructing evangelical Christianity, new perspectives after leaving organized religion. The fun stuff.
Seriously, it was awesome - check it out below / on your fave streaming platform.
#exjw #exvangelical
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Marie D'Elephant @MarieDElephant
Meet Wesley David, musician and former #jehovahswitness. We try REAL hard to explore his story together but keep going down philosophical rabbit trails. Stream wherever you listen to podcasts!

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