Surgeon general’s warning: listening to rock ’n’ roll by Wesley David may cause birth defects and has been shown to corrupt entrenched moral certainty
who is weley david?
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Facebook: You like this. God: I hate freaking Facebook.
How can we create a sustainable middle class in the digital economy?
Why do online mobs resemble religious cults ?
Facts don’t matter, so long as there’s enough social consensus.
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Patience > boredom ? News > Life? News is love. NEWS IS LIFE.
“5 stars! The best pop-rock album I’ve heard in a decade!”
-Wesley David magazine
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NOW YOUR FRIENDS WILL LOVE YOU Your smartphone makes you dumb, too. Apps are designed to resemble casino games and produce addictive behavior. When will artists and musicians take a stand and say enough is enough?
THEIR algorithms are YOUR future 🙂 🙂 🙂
If you buy a plane ticket on Wednesday, you’ll have a better chance of getting a discount deal which still won’t solve the existential dread. Ask me how!.

We wanted everything for free, and the price we paid was giving up our privacy; and freedom.

“Too much is never enough.”
-Stupid quotes of the year magazine, WD Edition Vol 1

Ahh, sweet sweet echo chamber of <insert preferred forum or social media group here>. Save me from impure thoughts and marketplace of ideas!!

Is there a future where we can love and respect each other even despite major lines of difference?

wait, please sure, I’ll take a raincheck if therapy will cure, (no) insurance letter, i’m begging tell me it’s better late than never to love like you did

when you were young and hopeful and too dumb to quit
— — —
On a journey I had to let go of to understand I cared more about that it was finally going than where it ends up

that it was better late than never to live how you meant to even if you can’t control the outcome

that letting go is beautiful

that the glass doesn’t have to be half full or half empty

that the one loose thread held all the fun more than all the dread

Exciting things are happening. Join me on this journey

New EP Satori out this Summer

"god" in his/her/its wisdom decided to place all these countries who generally hate each other in close proximity 😵
Thanks for having me on Devout! @wendirenay_
We get into navigating life "post Witness"- including the internet, extremism/cancellation, resentment - and looking for middle ground. #exjw

"How To Pursue a Dream After a Life of Control" with Wesley David
Long way to go, lol...
I would like to see this too. It would mean inventing a new system of ordering and amplifying information though vs opinions, and belief systems. Tough to do.
hi twitter 90s
this is my new song Seesaw, and sweet AMV based on the best anime of all time #cowboybebop
Special thanks KaroshiAMV from @fiverr highly recommend 👍
my mom said no more than 1 hashbrown on twitter
hope u guys like


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